Operations Recruiting and Interviewing

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring are necessary evils of the HR and managerial side of the job. It becomes a very lengthy, time consuming process and in the end you always have some doubts about how the new employee will work out.

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Distributed Cache Frameworks

I took some time not that long ago to compare some distributed caching frameworks in Java. In this blog post I’d like to go over some of those findings. I compared different features and ran them through a set of tests against the records in Wombats test database. These are my own opinions.

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Hi, I'm Tom!

I’m the newest member of the dev team working primarily in Ember.js. Although, I love working as an engineer, this wasn’t always my career path and it was a somewhat long journey to get to where I am today here at Wombat.

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A Thought Experiment Using Functional Style in Object Oriented Ruby

Why use Functional style in OO?

Functional Programming and OO are different implementations of programming. Why then would we want to combine ideas from opposing concepts? We as developers understand that we can attack a problem from many different angles; using appropriate functional concepts in OO is no different.

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