UX Design & Uncertainty

When we talk about how to design something for a given user experience we are usually discussing the trade offs between a feature request, and the best solutions we can bring to address it. This solution however comes with varying degrees of uncertainty behind how much we actually understand the user’s needs. As discussed in my previous need validation blog post, this can be a lot more deceptive than it originally sounds to get right.

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EmberConf 2018 Favorites

Emberconf 2018 finished about a month ago, and although I didn’t get to enjoy it live I did take the time to catch up over a weekend to see all the talks. Below are some of my favorites!

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Docker Compose in Development

Most modern developers don’t work with single applications anymore. Single applications use multiple services like MySQL, Redis, and Elasticsearch with Ruby on Rails or Spring Framework or Django. A single application then becomes many application that all use the same services and as developers, we need to work with all of them.

Tools like Docker or Kubernetes help us organize these apps in our live servers but we don’t need a lot of the complex orchestration on our development box, do we? Well, I think Docker Compose could be very useful.

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