Cleaner code with Ember Computed Macros

Ember has a ton of useful tools for writing clean, concise code. Sometimes we are so focused on the challenge at hand that we fail to utilize some of the most basic tools at our disposal. This blog is a super fast read, but will provide you (or refresh your memory) with the power of Ember Computed Macros.

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The Saga Continues

My last couple posts have been about developing and designing cloud based applications. In the What Are Microservices blog post I wrote about the importance of having small shippable applications that can easily scale depending on demand and are decoupled from other services to allow for faster development and independent deployments. In Event Driven Design we explored how to decouple the systems even more by publishing events as they occur and having other systems react in appropriate ways.

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What Are Microservices?

At Wombat over the past year or so we’ve begun the process of smashing apart of monolithic applications into smaller microservices. We’ve undergone a huge change in infrastructure and process while having growing pains along the way. In developing microservices we can often forget about what they are and why we are doing it. It’s not because it’s the cool thing to do nor is it the easiest thing to do (quite the opposite) but it’s a smart thing to do.

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