A Thought Experiment Using Functional Style in Object Oriented Ruby

Why use Functional style in OO?

Functional Programming and OO are different implementations of programming. Why then would we want to combine ideas from opposing concepts? We as developers understand that we can attack a problem from many different angles; using appropriate functional concepts in OO is no different.

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Just throw a debugger in there!

Utilizing the debugger in an hbs file

One of the great challenges of software development is debugging code when things don’t seem to be producing the logical results you had expected. Having recently taken a deep dive into the Ember.js framework I learned an effective technique to debug into the heart of an hbs file.

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Primitive Complexity


Complexity is an inherent reality when dealing with any form of stuff that is constructed. The key word here is constructed, as when things are defined in very basic terms with little abstraction, complexity cannot really creep in.

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