Primitive Complexity


Complexity is an inherent reality when dealing with any form of stuff that is constructed. The key word here is constructed, as when things are defined in very basic terms with little abstraction, complexity cannot really creep in.

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The Time Zone

Wombat and its products are used around the world and when it comes to scheduling assignments, campaigns, or any other time specific training, the user may face one tricky challenge to getting what they want, in front of their user, exactly when they want to: the time zone.

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Always Start Fresh

When dealing with integration tests, specifically around APIs, the goal is be able to test the entire process from the HTTP Rest calls through to the database. Sure you can set up a MySQL database for integration testing and populate it with data, but how do you handle updates to the database? You cannot rollback in an integration environment. The only way to guarantee consistent results would be to start with a fresh database every time the test runs. One nice way to do this would be with an in-memory DB. My first attempt at this failed miserably.

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