Improving Process and Productivity, Personal and Teams

Shake Your Process Up

Process, either your cringe at the word or accept it with open arms. TBQH I wasn’t one that pushed for process. I knew which principles I liked. New process meant adopting and changing the status quo; changing what I was familiar with, and I, like most, am resistant to change. As developers, we push to continually grow and learn technically, and our process, whether personal or within a team, should be no different. Change is inevitable, so what changed?

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Developing Ember Addons in-app

One of the great things about Ember.js is that it gives you all the building blocks you need to create “ambitious web applications”, just as the motto says. These can be large frontend apps or smaller pieces that can be plugged into others, just like if they were Legos.

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Two other Ws

When starting out as a software developer one of the biggest bits of advice you receive is knowing ‘when’ to ask for help. It is very easy to let our ego get in the way of reaching out for assistance with a coding challenge, an unusual error message, or even something as simple as getting stuck in the waiting room for a google hangout.

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