Quick Tip - debug()

If you’re using any sort of linting in your code (and you should), you will more than likely come across a default rule that screams at you for leaving all those handy console.logs in your code. Those logs sure give useful information, but it is admittedly an unprofessional (and potentially insecure) thing to leave in your production code. Are there any other options?

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Running Splunk In Docker

Running Splunk In Docker is about as easy as it should be

You have fully embraced the world of Docker hosted containers, and no longer have the patience for local installations of “Enterprise” software that requires a developer account to download. Fortunately, there’s a Splunk Enterprise Docker Image just for you. It even comes preconfigured with a 500M per day developer license. No account required!

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From Ember to Elixir

For the past year or so, I’ve been working on some interesting features in a bunch of different Ember apps at Wombat, but recently I’ve had the opportunity to learn a new language and help support our backend team on our Elixir API.

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Consumer Driven Contracts

In the past I have written about what a microservice architecture looks like and some of the tradeoffs that come with it. One of the biggest gains this architecture brings you is the ability for many people to be working on different projects at the same time. Inevitably the services you are writing will be used or you may need to consume someone else’s API to get your work done.

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