Emberconf 2018 finished about a month ago, and although I didn’t get to enjoy it live I did take the time to catch up over a weekend to see all the talks. Below are some of my favorites!

Opening Keynote

You always gotta start with the opening, as it does a great job of review and preview of Ember as a whole. There’s a bunch of cool stuff happening, I think my fist pump moments were hearing the process on the unified file layout and dropping jQuery, which I had not realized was such a large portion of Ember as a whole.

Ember Events

The talk by Marie Chatfield does a great job of explaining all the basics (and then some) of Ember Events and how they work with the native DOM events.

Living Animation

Edward Faulkner’s animation talks are always a pleasure to watch, and this year’s is no different. His new animation API looks amazing!


Last but not least, Andrew Louis shared a little project he had been working on and it sort of blew my mind. If you don’t know what a memex is, then I won’t ruin the surprise, and let him lay it all out.