The day had begun with coffee and sunshine,
a seemingly simple bug was going to be mine.
Introduced a week ago by the junior dev, Greg,
the issue was assigned to me after he broke his leg.
Opened the ticket and visited the link,
and while loading the page, I did a Github sync.
Popped a new tab, and fired up a local server,
I was ready to tackle this bug with some intense fervor.
Made a new branch to commit my quick hotfix,
flipped back to the link's tab as I munched on some trail mix.
Repro was quick, it appeared on my first try,
I launched the inspector as my fingers began to fly.
Within a few minutes I had figured it out,
the solution was simple, I never had a doubt.
Comparing with my inspector, I copied over my code,
into Atom it went, and so I hit reload.
I still saw the bug, looming on the site,
I was puzzled for a moment, that didn't seem right.
I reviewed my commit and saw nothing wrong,
but this bug continued to show up where it didn't belong.
Hours went by, the frustration was growing,
the vein on the side of my head began showing.
I had to skip lunch, as to not feel defeated,
but this bug was so pesky, my trail mix I had depleted.
Dinner time approached and I was out of steam,
My face met my desk, with a bitter scream.
Ready to eat, I raised my head from my post,
to see my URL bar was still on staging and not localhost.