Welcome to the blog. I guess I’m a little late seeing that there have been a bunch of posts from the team before me but I’m here now.

I started programming many years ago and did about 10 years of the corporate office grind. After that I spent some time consulting but that got stale and stressful. So about 2 years ago I wanted to move back into production level product development but not at the expense of going back to an office. As luck would have it ThreatSim.com happened to have a job posting that looked like it would fit the bill. Thankfully the team thought I would be a good fit as well and I have been here ever since.

Most recently I have been expanding my skill set by delving into some light devops on Amazon Web Services setting up a staging system for testing, working on new features for the product like sharding our database so we can store it in multiple regions, helping our new team members work through the challenges of the day, working on our test stack, and most importantly making sure I learn something new everyday.

I think for any developer that’s one of the most important things you can do. Keep learning everyday. It’s my hope that through this blog maybe some of the things I learn will be helpful for someone else and we can all learn something new together.