I started out in this career a while back. It actually goes back to years when people were crazy about Computer Science. It was the time when complexity was considered beautiful. Obfuscated C++ was in style. If an algorithm didn’t kill you, it made you stronger!

I got my Masters degree in Computer Science in 2000. Being passionate about teaching, I went into teaching Computer Science. As much as I enjoyed teaching, I learned a lot myself. After two years of teaching, I went back to school to do my second Masters in Bioinformatics, the fusion of two mystic subjects, Biology and Computers. After my thesis I took a break from my career and stayed home to take care of my children’s early childhood education.

After 10 years, now that both my kids are full time in school, I wanted to go back into software development again. Everything is new for me now. I self taught myself the modern software languages, but that was not enough. I realized that to be a successful software developer, I will have to learn the end to end process of modern industrial software development and be part of the software developer community. This is when I started searching for software development communities and found about Turing School of Software and Design in Denver. I applied and got selected.

After 7 months of intensive training I was ready, but was anxious to be in software development. I had an interview with ThreatSim and I instantly knew this is what my dream job would look like. I was so happy when ThreatSim hired me. Three of my classmates also joined with me. I feel very glad being a part of the ThreatSim Development team.

ThreatSim has cutting edge technology, tools and is constantly evolving to its customers’ needs, and keeps us positively challenged. We have a very healthy work environment. We work in pairs and individually, whatever suits us for the day or time. We always have help whenever we need it. We don’t fear to make mistakes and learn from them and from others. We are a ThreatSim Family.