I am very new to programming. A year ago, I was working for a software company as a product/project/user experience manager. Occasionally, I was an editor, email developer, YouTube voiceover star, therapist, and fireman. Wearing all those hats kept things interesting, but I wanted to lock down my role. I wanted a career. Truth be told, I was envious of the developer’s job–they are given problems to solve, and they get to figure out how to solve them. Hello! I love solving puzzles! I sometimes feel like I was made for it. I started asking my developer friends if there was some higher power they possessed that would immediately exclude me from their line of work. Nothing seemed to separate them from me, so I started thinking about how I could become a developer.

Being a mother of a young child, I knew I couldn’t fit extra time into my day to learn how to code. Then one of those “right place at the right time” moments happened and I heard a news story on the radio about a local coding school. It sounded intriguing because I could learn how to code quickly, thoroughly, and if developers were really as in-demand as everyone was saying, I could find a job without much trouble. And I would be able to balance my life at home. I decided to take a risk.

I looked into the local school options, applied, and was accepted to Turing School of Software and Design in Denver within a short amount of time. I had two weeks until school started, just enough time to let my current job know I would be leaving them to pursue the skills they’d been waving under my nose for 5 years.

Fast-forward to June, and I was hired by ThreatSim along with three of my classmates. During my first interview with ThreatSim, I knew that if they would have me, this was the place for me. Every litmus test I had, they passed, and continue to pass. This a great place to be, and I feel so lucky that taking a big risk a year ago paid off in such a positive way.

Now that I’m here, I am ready for full-steam ahead. ThreatSim has plenty of features and tech changes and upgrades in the works to keep us newbies learning and engaged through it all. And the best part is that we aren’t relegated to simple bug duty…we all get a piece of the pie. Coming up, I look forward to sharing more technical blog posts, becoming a kick-ass developer, and never looking back!