We are the development team for ThreatSim. There are currently 8 of us working hard to help you educate your users to avoid spearphishing attacks. Our marketing team does a terrific job with our main website at ThreatSim.com, so we won’t be discussing much about spearphishing here (other than it is really bad). We want to use this site to talk about topics that we are interested in and that we think might interest you.

Recently, our development team expanded with the addition of four AMAZING developers from Turing School of Software & Design so we wanted to expand our social media identity by creating this blog. We will be discussing topics from remote work to Ruby programming to using Amazon Web Services. You’ll be meeting all of our developers through this blog but I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’ve been developing professionally for many years. I started off in the .NET world working for large enterprises. I transitioned to working remotely developing websites for a few startups. None of those took off, but I had been bitten by the remote work bug.

I was lucky enough to get hired as the first developer for ThreatSim and I’ve been here ever since. The inital beta version of the website was written in .NET, but we are all fans of OSS here, so it was an easy decision to move the site to Ruby. It also helped that the beta version wasn’t very scalable. Now, I’m the director of engineering here at ThreatSim and I’m extremely excited to be working with the great team we have.