So there I sat at my computer, contemplating the rest of my life. Full swing in my quarter life crisis. Like any other Millennial I turned to Google in my time of need. (insert days dedicated to Googling, coffee, sweat and tears.) After digging through masters programs, internships, alternative educations, pyramid schemes, scams of all accounts and the occasional YouTube spiral, I found a Girl Develop It class, I enrolled.

I enjoyed my first taste of development far more than I anticipated. My only exposure to code up to this point had been writing an extremely simple memory test for one of my psychology professors in college. I succeeded on a dusty PC in an unused lab armed with an extremely outdated book he referred me to.

GDI of course was nothing like my previous experience. GDI made the learning process approachable and is ultimately where I found my passion for code. One year later I am working with a fantastic team of individuals at ThreatSim. I am new but already learning so much from working along side my team.

Along with my new career I have been giving back to Girl Develop It through volunteering and instructing here at our Denver chapter. I look forward to introducing more women to tech and plan to construct helpful blogs for other newcomers through my learning experience here at ThreatSim. I am very happy to be in an environment that supports and encourages continuous learning and creative solutions to challenging problems. While we are all remote there is a great community within ThreatSim and I look forward to growing with all these fine individuals at our awesome and down to earth company.