Ember Life without jQuery

Starting with Ember 3, the steps to remove jQuery as a dependency have begun. After doing some transition work with a few of our larger components, I’ve noticed a few things that might come in handy for anyone else updating their work. All of these should work in 2.18 and will help smooth final transitions you may make in 3.x.

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JSON Logging for Spring Boot

Does your Spring Boot app output detailed JSON to its logs yet?

With a few minor configuration changes, and a fresh perspective on your logging practices, your Spring Boot application can easily benefit from the latest logging analysis tools.

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The art of the commit message and PR description

This is a pretty simple topic, but one that I find really important. It’s also something I’m pretty proud of that we do on my team… take the time to write good commit messages. Additionally, we always try to create pull requests with descriptions that make it easy for any developer to know exactly what was done and why. This makes it easy for a new developer contributing to the project or even a seasoned developer changing old code to understand why things were done previously.

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Selenium and Asynchronous Javascript

When using Selenium in automated tests, sometimes it becomes necessary to execute Javascript. Whether that’s due to the presence of a canvas that has no obvious click zones, or because of important information attached to the page that’s not visible from the DOM, here’s a trick that may help you out along the way.

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Calling All Elixir Actors

Elixir’s Actor Model

Concurrent computation, it’s unescapable. Elixir is known as a highly available concurrent language, but what does this really mean? Elixir’s concurrency model is built on the Actor Model, but what is it?

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